Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kettlebell Workouts For Men - 3 Important Principles

Depending on your goals a proper kettlebell workout should be established. To make the workout you put together a success there’s always three things you should swear by while performing almost any kettlebell exercise. Those three keys to a successful kettlebell workout are explained below. 

Read them carefully and make sure you remember them during your next kettlebell workout!

Since Kettlebell exercises contribute to a full body workout it is important that you whole body is actually engaged during the workout. To make sure your body is engaged during the workout always tense your core. This will allow you to train your midsection at any time. You will benefit from a strong midsection because it is the major stabilizer in the body. A strong core makes the entire body stronger. A smaller man with a stronger core is more likely to bench-press a higher weight than a big man with a underdeveloped core. 

Another awesome trick is to squeeze your but while doing for example a kettlebell deadlifts or a kettlebell swing as this makes it easier to maintain balance and it will work your core even more!

Another thing to take in to consideration before you start your workout is how heavy your kettlebell is going to be for that particular workout. Remember, when you aim to develop your endurance a lighter kettlebell is advisable. But when you aim for strength you should go for a heavier kettlebell. However, never go beyond your limits, if a kettlebell is too heavy just grab a lighter one. There is no shame in it, it will just keep you from hurting yourself. You don’t want to injured and miss your next three or four workouts now do you? Along with the weight of the kettlebell the amount of repetitions should be chosen. If you are training for endurance go for higher repetitions and if you are training for strength go for lower repetitions. 

The last key to a successful Kettlebell workout is posture. 

If you keep the right posture for the right exercises you will benefit from maximal results. However if you slack here, back problems often start to arise. So always remember to keep your back straight and tense your core while doing exercises like swings, windmills and deadlifts. The reason people often slack is because they get exhausted and feel like they can’t keep proper posture at the end of the exercise. The only thing you have to do is tell yourself that you can and will do it and problems should be solved. However if you really can’t do it then please choose to pick a lighter weight, correct form will improve the effectiveness of a workout so much!

So the three keys for successful kettlebell workouts for men are: 

#1 Make sure your whole body is engaged in a exercise, 
#2 Choose proper weight and rep range according to your fitness goals and last but not least 
#3 Keep the right posture. 

Apply these three points and your workout will surely be a success! Now go and pick up that kettlebell and start working out!

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